Our CSR Approach

Corporate Social Responsibility is central to Transdev

For Transdev, Corporate Responsibility (CR) means meeting the needs of our clients, customers and staff, without compromising the needs of generations to come. Being a public transport provider, Transdev operations are inherently better for the environment and expanding cities than private cars, which is why The Transdev Group’s overarching CR goal is to make cities more liveable by increasing awareness of the benefits of utilising public transport.

Our Corporate Responsibility Framework

To share Transdev’s Corporate Responsibility direction going forward, a framework ‘Growing Responsibly’ for communicating and conceptualising our CR work, both internally and externally was developed. Growing Responsibly has three key areas of focus: shaping our communities; protecting our environment and inspiring our people.Transdev CR Framework

The name “Growing Responsibly” captures our intent to maintain growth as a business, but in a way that is responsible to our employees, the environment and the broader communities we serve.

Inspiring our people - Inspiring our people through promoting diversity, implementing training and supporting our cause partners.

Shaping our communities - Shaping our communities through the support of our chosen four causes as well as the local programs and initiatives we deliver, in partnership with communities and stakeholders.

Protecting our Environment - Protecting the environment in which we operate, through awareness, action and innovation.