Filming Permission

If you are wanting to film on or around the rail network and on trains, you need to consider different permissions for the different access requirements. It is a critical transport environment that is regulated and controlled for safety purposes so that the safety of your film crew, our customers and our staff, is not compromised.

  • To request permission to film on the rail corridor, please contact KiwiRail.
  • To request permission to film at a train station, platform or on board a train, please contact Auckland Transport
  • Transdev Auckland can help advise you on the process for your filming requirements and will be your contact point for on board filming.

 We understand the needs of film crews, however the filming application process requires at least ten days’ notice so that planning and assessment can take place.

While Auckland Transport and Transdev Auckland will try and accommodate your request, Auckland’s rail network is at capacity and spare units are rarely available.

If you require more information, please feel free to contact us